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Welcome to Reliiance Rewards rewards at every step, growth all the way

Reliiance Rewards is probably the first concept of its kind in the Australian market. Based on a unique ‘rewards at every step’ principle, it aims to create a flourishing community of members who enjoy achieving growth – both personal and professional – without having to buy any product or service as part of their membership. As a Reliiance Rewards member, you enter an exciting and enriching relationship which is mutually rewarding and constantly stimulating. Without any commercial focus or retail activity, Reliiance Rewards offers you opportunities to grow, create wealth and share your success with friends and associates.

Sounds too good to be true?
Let us have a closer look at Reliiance Rewards


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How Reliiance Rewards works

With ‘rewards at every step’ at its core, Reliiance Rewards invests significantly in an on-going series of informative and educational seminars, workshops, presentations and other related activities. Each of them has been carefully selected to provide valuable insights into a range of areas such as Real Estate, Finance, Personal Growth, Professional Skills and a lot more. We will also have exciting contests and outdoor activities for member families and extended community.

As a Reliiance Rewards member, you will earn points by simply participating in the events organised by us. You can earn even more points by referring more members to us and using any of our diverse range of services. Collect enough points to discover an array of several exciting rewards which can be redeemed with your points.

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