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What is Reliiance Rewards all about?

Reliiance Rewards has been set up to create a community of members who can avail of our special experiences (Events) and services offered by us regularly.

What kind of Events will be organized by Reliiance Rewards?

With focus on development, knowledge and entertainment, we will be organizing FREE events for our members on a variety of themes and subjects. You can listen to an investment expert, a nutritionist, a mentor or an entertainer among many others. Every time you attend and event, you earn more points!

What are the ways for Reliiance Rewards members to earn points?

There are many ways to earn points as a Reliiance Rewards member. You can attend our events, refer new members or clients to us or become a client yourself! With every engagement with us, you will get more points added to your account which you can redeem for some great rewards.

How do Reliiance Rewards members redeem their points?

Using their online account with Reliiance Rewards or by our mobile App, members can view their points status and select any Reward they are eligible for. We will process the redemption request and facilitate your receiving the Reward.

What kind of Rewards are offered to Reliiance Rewards members?

There is an exciting selection of rewards to choose from such as Skydiving, experience, Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, Gold Class movie tickets, Dinner vouchers at elegant restaurants, Spa & massage treatment and a lot more. Including a mega Around the World Air Ticket Reward as well! Click here to view Rewards.

Which other services do Reliiance Rewards members have access to?

Reliiance Rewards is part of Reliiance Financial Solutions - a highly successful mortgage and financial solutions business with nearly 15 years in the industry. As a member, you have access to all services offered by Reliiance Financial Solutions such as Home Loans, Business Loans, Car Loans, Investment Loans, Personal Loans as well as their real estate investment related services.

Is there family membership available with Reliiance Rewards?

No, each individual can become a member as long they are over 18 years of age and a resident of Australia.

How can I refer people to Reliiance Rewards?

Using our friendly App, you can select your friends from your phone contacts list or submit their details in our Referral Form. Once they become members of Reliiance Rewards , you will earn more points.

Is there a limit to how many Reliiance Rewards events I can attend?

No, you can attend as many events as you wish. Each event will offer you an opportunity to learn something new about finance, health, wealth creation, personal development and a lot more. You will also meet other members and expand your network.

How does the point allocation work?

Please visit the How It Works page of this website, or click here to see how many points you can earn for each activity/engagement.

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